For fullscreen, pixel perfect graphics and better performance play the downloadable version.

Made in a week for the space invaders themed Remake jam.
Art, sound and code by Waltz.

I couldn't make a soundtrack before the deadline but it will have it soon.

Place ships to destroy enemies.
It only has 11 stages.
If you like it please let me know and i could make more content for this.

Some ship designs belongs to the asset pack: 
PIXEL SPACESHIPS (Shoot'em Ups Assets) [HD]
by Medimon games.


Download 2 MB


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Estaría interesante ver una versión completa, sea o no basada en Space Invaders.


Tengo muchas ganas de extenderlo. Pasa que me anote en muchas jams y en casi todas me han pedido versiones completas jaja.
Tengo que acomodar mis tiempos para ir cumpliendo asi de paso concreto un proyecto más grande por primera vez.